The d-List

Pro Publishing’s Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine launched d-list in September 2015, a new initiative created to highlight some of the UK’s brightest and best kitchen and bathroom design talent

The purpose of the d-list is to bring together some of the industry design figures who we feel you should know about,” says Martin Allen-Smith, editor of Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine.

Our selection is made up of a wide range of designers, from some of the most innovative and inventive product designers to the most exciting and creative kitchen and bathroom project designers – everyone on the d-list is one to watch, and all are names to follow over the coming years.”

Some on the d-list are up-and-coming designers who have only recently started to make a name for themselves; others have been in and around the kitchen and bathroom sector a little longer. But what they all have in common is that their work inspires and encourages others to continue to raise the bar in kitchens and bathrooms, constantly suggesting new ways of utilising clever design to tackle problems old and new.

The d-list is published as a luxury book in September of each year.

For further information about the d-list, please send an email to:

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