The tweet is mightier than the blog

‘The tweet is mightier than the blog’ somebody once told me, writes Grahame Morrison, editor of kb-network and a semi-active blogger.

Oh, how I laughed! And then my blog was hacked, Google blacklisted it and I was offline for over three months getting it sorted out.

My enforced period offline gave me the time to appraise the social media platforms available and this confirmed that one size does not fit all.

Twitter is a great announcement tool. Around 90% of the top news stories to break online, on air or in print, start life as a 140 character Tweet, and increasingly it is being used to post images too. But as a tool for a serious debate or discussion, it leaves a lot to be desired. Not so much because of the character limit – you can say a lot with 140 characters – but because of the one-sided nature of the ‘debates’.

You can only read all sides of an argument if you follow all the parties that are arguing (or there is a lot of reposting going on), and as good as a ‘Tweet-up’ is, I don’t think it holds a candle to a ‘proper’ debate on a proper forum.

The Reply To section of a blog can be a beautiful thing, but if it is open to all it is easier for hackers to get in to the blog and do their thing – as I learned to my cost. And if a post has to be approved you are relying on the blog manager being online to look after the responses and to post all they receive. I was accused of censorship once because I did not approve a reply on my blog quickly enough to suit the writer – darn those Bank Holiday weekends! The Pro Publishing Media & Events forum on LinkedIn is an extension of this website and an ideal place publishing blog posts. The open nature of the LinkedIn forum platform allows all sides of an argument to be seen and enjoyed.

It is an (almost) anything goes forum but we would ask that you do not go out of your way to be abusive and do not use its discussion platform to promote goods and services you supply. Other than that, the Pro Publishing Media & Events forum is your digital oyster and we look forward to receiving your pearls of wisdom!

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